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Master degree

On the distribution of the state educational order on training personnel with higher and postgraduate education in the context of groups of educational programs for the 2020-2021 academic year.

On Amendments and Supplements to the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 31, 2018 No. 600 “ On approval of the Model Regulations for admission to studies in educational organization, implementing educational programs of higher and postgraduate education”

Master’s Degree – List of Majorsі

Admission to the programs of postgraduate education



 The Name of Fields of Study for Personnel Training

 Code and Names of Educational Programs


 7М011 Pedagogy and Psychology

 7М01110 Pedagogy and Psychology;

 7М01111 Pedagogical measurements


 7М012 Pedagogy of preschool education and instruction

 7М01210 Pedagogy of preschool education and instruction


 7М013 Training personnel with non-subject specialization

 7М01310 Pedagogy and methodology of primary education


 7М014 Training of pedagogues with a subject specialization in general development

 7М01410 Physical culture and sports;

 7М01420 Music education;

 7М01440 Entrepreneurship in education

 7М01471 Creative arts, graphics and design


 7М015 Training of pedagogues in natural sciences

 7М01510 Mathematics;

 7М01520 Physics;

 7М01530 Informatics;

 7М01540 Chemistry;

 7М01550 Biology


 7М016 Training of pedagogues in humanities subjects

 7М01610 History


 7М017 Training of pedagogues in languages and literature

 7М01710 Kazakh language and literature;

 7М01720 Russian language and literature;

 7М01730 Foreign language: two foreign languages