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Scientific Library

The library was founded in 1962 as a structural unit of the Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute. The work on the creation of the library was headed by Elizaveta Romanovna Chernikova. The first entry in the inventory book was made on November 9, 1962, it was a "Russian-German dictionary", and by the end of the month inventory book No. 1 was completed, there were 5 thousand books in the library fund.

In 1963, the institute received a new building, on Toraighyrova Street, where a subscription and a reading room were located on the 2nd floor in a large auditorium.

Since April 1964, the library has had 4 employees. The library's collection amounted to 14 thousand copies.

In the 1967-68 academic year, a bibliographer joined the staff of the library. It was G.V. Kromm. From the first day of her work as a bibliographer, Galina Vasilyevna began conducting library classes with first-year students, promoting bibliographic manuals to help the educational process. Thanks to her systematic, purposeful work, classes on the basics of library and bibliographic knowledge (BBZ) began to be included in the curriculum, first at the Faculty of Philology, and then at two faculties (1972), and since 1975, the BBZ training course has become mandatory at all faculties.

The summer of 1973 was marked by a new move to the building of the Biology and Chemistry Faculty. Here, on the second floor, there is a subscription, a reading room, and the main book storage is located in the basement. Books for subscription were lifted from storage by elevator at the request of readers. By this time, there were 8 people working in the library. The workplaces for the head of the library, the collector and the bibliographer were fenced off by shelves on the subscription and in the reading room.

In June 1974, the library was headed by V.T. Beloshapkina. The change of leadership was due to the retirement of the first director, E.R. Chernikova. The new head of the library identified the improvement of the reference apparatus as the primary task – editing office and creating readers' catalogs. By the new academic year, the catalogs were put up for readers.

In 1975, the Library Council was established, which was actively involved in solving library problems. L.K. Burtseva, Associate Professor of the Russian Language Department, has been the permanent chairman of the Library Council for 18 years. The Council helped to strengthen the material and technical base of the library, supported all cultural initiatives of librarians.

Since 1976, the library of the Pedagogical Institute began to provide methodological assistance to the library of the pedagogical college of Pavlodar. Another innovation this year was the introduction of non-inventory accounting of multi-instance educational literature, which reduced the processing time of new literature. An open access of readers to socio-political literature is organized in the reading room. Through the IBA (interlibrary subscription), literature from 31 libraries of the Soviet Union was received at the request of readers.

In 1979, independent departments of acquisition and processing, reference and bibliographic services were allocated in the structure of the university library, and the library staff increased.

Due to the growth of the fund in 1981, the reconstruction of the premises was carried out, as a result of which book storage areas were added, separate rooms for new departments appeared. There were 15 people working in the library.

In 1983, the librarians of the University were among the first in Pavlodar to begin the introduction of a new classification of literature – BBK.

In April 1982, a methodological seminar "Information work at the department" was held.

In October 1986, the library for the first time organized classes at the Faculty of Public Professions (FOP) in the specialty "librarian-social worker". In the same year, the library staff successfully performed in the concert of the city Librarian's Day, which was organized by the Regional Universal Library.

In 1988, the Library Council was headed by L.M. Siromakha, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry.

In 1990, in connection with the transfer of the educational process to the cyclic method, the library completely rebuilt the service systems, changed the principles of selecting literature for study groups.

In 1991, the library employed 28 people. The library's collection numbered 367867 copies, the fund received 13045 new books. 4,425 readers were enrolled in the library using a single library card, the number of readers actually served by the library exceeded 9 thousand. The number of visits per year was 115240, the volume of book output was 352537 copies.

In 1997, a new reading room for periodicals was opened.

In 1998, the library received the first computer and free access to Internet resources under a grant from the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation.

In 1999, librarians began to create an electronic catalog based on the Library 4.0 program.

In 2001, a media library was opened in the library structure.

Since April 2004, an electronic library has been formed, which is a systematic collection of educational and scientific resources, electronic journals, electronic copies of traditional books and periodicals.

Since 2010, PSPI has been involved in the creation and use of the unified Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RMEB).

Since 2011, the library has been involved in the creation of a Unified Electronic Library (e-Library.kz ) on the basis of a license agreement with NCNTI JSC. Under the national license, access to the full-text databases of Thomson Reuters and Springer, Elsevier was obtained.

Since 2012, the Scientific Library of the University has been the first among the pedagogical libraries of Kazakhstan to become a member of the Association of University Libraries of the Republic. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the university, in 2012 the Scientific Library was awarded the name of Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Ermukhan Bekmakhanov.

In February 2014, a new hall of educational information resources named after A.S. Katerinin was opened in the university building at 58 Toraighyrova St., equipped with 26 computers, a modern projector, a TV and a scanner. Digital media service areas with Internet access are available in all halls.

To popularize reading among young people, the Scientific Library became a member of the worldwide BOOKCROSSING movement. It is an international book club that blurs the boundaries of space and time.

In 2017, for the fifth time, the scientific library held the international scientific and practical conference "The Book. Time. Society".

In 2018, the scientific library launched the project "Mobile Library" of the works of PSPU scientists.

In 2019, the Department of technological and methodological support was abolished in the scientific library named after E.Bekmakhanov.