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  1. Training of Biology pedagogues
  2. Training of Physics pedagogues
  3. Training of Chemistry teachers
  4. Training of History teachers
  5. Training of Pedagogy and Psychology teachers
  6. Training of Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature,
  7. Foreign language teachers



 The Name of Fields of Study for Personnel Training

 Code and Names of Educational Programs1


 8D011 Pedagogy and Psychology

 8D01110 Pedagogy and Psychology


 8D015 Training of pedagogues in humanities subjects

 8D01520 Physics

 8D01540 Chemistry

 8D01550 Biology


 8D016 Training of pedagogues in humanities subjectsу

 8D01610 History


 8D017  Training of pedagogues in languages and literature 

 8D01710 Kazakh language and literature

 8D01720 Russian language and literature

 8D01730 Foreign language: two foreign languages