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Application Priorities

When applicants get equal scores during the competition for the award of educational grants, the priority will be based on the following criteria:

 Enrollment quota for the admission to the educational programs of higher and postgraduate education (ОВПО)

For applicants mentioned in following categories, participating in the competition for the award of educational grants, the following amount of quotas for the admission to the university from the approved scale of state order has been allocated:

Mentioned enrollment quotas are distributed to all groups of educational programs declared by applicants, with the exception of the rural quota.

Persons who completed educational organizations in rural areas from Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Turkestan, Mangystau regions can participate in the competition within the framework of the given quota.  


Following categories are acknowledged as persons equated in terms of privileges and guarantees to the participants of war:


When applying for the grant competition, abovementioned categories of citizens must provide documents which confirm quotas:

Applicants who have quotas should fill up specially assigned sectors only in case if they provide corresponding documents for confirming their eligibility: