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Samples of diplomas' forms of PPU graduates

Main requirements for the content of educational documents from NLC "Pavlodar Pedagogical University" on its own sample

  1. Type of publication - blank (insert) with hardcover.
  2. Design of the cover:

The name of the university is located in the upper part of the cover.
The university logo is in the centre.
Under the logo is the name of the document in the state language - "Diploma".
The name and logo of the university and the name of the document on the cover are hot-stamped in gold lettering. The hardcover comes with a bookmark. 

      3. Paper for the blank (insert) - protected with a watermark "KAZ - ornament - QAZ" - solid, located in relation to the direction of the paper at an angle of 45°, alternating in light and dark colours, the density of 85 g/m2, without optical brighteners. It contains invisible fibres which fluoresce under UV light in blue and red. Fibres that are visible in normal light in dark red (no UV glow).


Diplomas of our own sample of PPU